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Schernecker Property Services tailors Salesforce to evolving needs with Skuid

Schernecker Property Services

Schernecker Property Services

Schernecker Property Services tailors Salesforce to evolving needs with Skuid

For the Schernecker Property Services team, Salesforce was more than just a CRM. The platform also integrated with a project management tool that was essential to the company’s day-to-day operations. With Skuid, Schernecker was able to customize their Salesforce instance to display critical information without resorting to custom code.

Skuid empowers the technology department to quickly adapt to changes.
David Garrity
David Garrity

Senior Technology Manager

The Challenge

Schernecker Property Services (SPS) exists to deliver the highest-value, long-term building envelope solutions for condominium communities by helping communities improve their appearance and longevity through a comprehensive, collaborative approach to project planning and execution. For the past 25 years, SPS has been delivering building envelope solutions primarily to condominium communities in New England. Their goal is to help these groups preserve the appearance and safety of their properties for years to come. 

Planning, building, and maintaining any one of these envelopes is an important project that includes a range of stakeholders, from architects and engineers to condo association boards and homeowners. Each job involves complex factors like materials, durability, appearance, specs and sizes, schedules, and more. 

To manage all of these moving parts, the IT and technology teams at SPS rely on several important pieces of software. One of these is Salesforce, the platform that serves as their CRM. Another is their detailed and robust project management tool, which is essential to the company’s operations and financial teams. These two systems are strongly linked, and the SPS team wanted to use Salesforce to communicate and display critical data for various building envelope projects. However, that would require custom Lightning code, which would tie up key developer resources and lead to long project timelines. 

The Solution

With Skuid, however, the SPS IT and technology teams were able to bring data from their project management into Salesforce and then use Salesforce to communicate that and other information in an easy-to-understand way. The best part? It could do so without custom code.

“Skuid is a crucial component of our technology stack. It plays a pivotal role in various aspects of our environment by enabling us to create user interfaces without any coding,” says David Garrity, Senior Technology Manager at SPS. “This way, we can easily showcase our Salesforce data in an operational format that is efficient.”

Instead of spending their time searching for the most up-to-date info across multiple tools, SPS employees can now see everything they need in one place. “Skuid allows our users to dedicate more time to their core responsibilities while also providing SPS with the necessary data to make informed decisions,” says Garrity. “And with the latest advancements in the Salesforce platform, Skuid has become even more flexible in its ability to use and display Salesforce data.”

The Result

Perhaps most importantly, Skuid has allowed SPS to quickly adapt to the many project changes and updates that come their way. Plus, it has shortened their development timelines significantly. “Instead of depending on pre-designed code created by outsourced partners, we can make changes while working with our business patterns and develop test scenarios in real-time,” Garrity says. “This significantly reduces the time it takes to hand off from development to implementation.”

In addition, using Skuid as their app development platform has saved them money. “Skuid makes Salesforce data interaction, display, and filtering more user-friendly without significant implementation costs.”

While managing projects with Skuid, the SPS team relied on support to deal with any issues or questions that arose. “When using a powerful product like Skuid, you may encounter moments when you need help understanding it,” says Garrity. “Fortunately, Skuid's support team is exceptional. They prioritize customer success over managing metrics and are always eager to assist and empower you.” The company looks forward to additional success with Skuid as its business grows and evolves.

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