Choose org

Skuid is not supported for Group or Professional Edition orgs.
It's important to log into the right org before installing. You have the choice between a Sandbox and Production or Developer Org.


If you're a new builder here to learn or don’t have permission to install third-party packages:

Install in my Developer org


If you're ready to start learning and testing while using your company's data:

Install in a Sandbox org


If your company doesn't use Sandbox orgs, or when your company is ready to go live:

Install in a Production org


user accounts

Create and collaborate. Five users get to build, deploy, and use your Skuid apps.


data connections

It's all coming together. Mix and match nine different data sources—Salesforce, PostgreSQL, REST and more—in one UI.


access to

Extensible design systems

App composer

JavaScript API

Code extensions

Much, much more

Not sure where to start?

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