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App Gallery

Create what you imagine.

With Skuid, you can quickly transform your enterprise with consumer-grade applications. Use this robust gallery of examples to create engaging applications that people want to use. Boost your adoption and maximize time-to-value on your software investments.

Skuid's Enterprise Apps Gallery

Get inspired by these application demos.

Based on the success of other Skuid users, we created app demos to reflect some in-demand Skuid use cases. Spark your imagination with examples of what people just like you create with Skuid:

  • Account 360 View/Workbench
  • CEO Dashboard
  • Configure/Price/Quote
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Education Portal
  • Field Service Management
  • Help Desk
  • Inside Sales
  • Learning Center
  • Mobile Sales App
  • Mortgage Loan Application
  • Opportunity Management
  • Partner Portal
  • Product Forecasting
  • Rental Bookings Management
  • Sales Activities
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Order Dashboard
  • Survey Builder
  • Team Performance
  • Ticket Sales Analytics


Skuid Enterprise Apps Gallery - CEO dashboard and ERP Application example

See samples of the pages that make up your apps.

We identified the most common page patterns that people use to build Skuid applications, and rounded them up for you to explore. Replicate these page patterns in Skuid with your own data, and create an app that’s unique to you and your business:

  • Dashboard
  • Directory
  • Form
  • List Page
  • List-Phone
  • Master Detail
  • News Feed
  • Order Dashboard
  • Production Selection
  • To Do List


Deliver the features your users need with design patterns.

Combine and customize Skuid components to create design patterns for your applications. Check out a sample of design patterns for inspiration, and then try out your own.

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Carousel
  • Hero Image
  • Image Gallery
  • KPI Tiles
  • Embedded Content


Explore a variety of flexible, responsive, and scalable components.

Simply drag and drop components onto your page to define how your app looks, feels, functions. Choose from a set of modern, streamlined, accessible components, divided below based on what part of your app they control:


  • Accordion
  • Button Set
  • Masthead
  • Navigation
  • Responsive Grid
  • Tab Container
  • Tab Set
  • Vertical Navigation
  • Wizard


  • Chart
  • Geochart


  • Deck
  • File Upload
  • Filter Set
  • Form
  • Header
  • Image
  • List
  • Search
  • Table
  • Text


  • Page Include
  • Page Region


“With Skuid, I’m definitely saving time. I’m not having to spend extra hours on learning a whole new language, learning how to develop.”

Natalie Yamasaki, Customer Success Operations Specialist, Procore