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Here's how Chrysalis adapted to COVID-19 with the help of Skuid

Chrysalis case study: rapid response to COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has accelerated the need for people and businesses to change. At the front-line of this crisis, healthcare organizations must use innovative technology to quickly adapt. One organization providing critical home care to patients across several states in the southwestern US provides an illuminating example.

Chrysalis, which serves people with intellectual disabilities, quickly recognized the need for a HIPAA-compliant patient-data-tracking solution to help them protect patients and employees, and to help them better care for their vulnerable community. Already a dedicated Skuid user, Chrysalis developed and deployed a customized solution to track COVID-19 tests, quarantines, and recoveries. They built it impressively fast—in about a day.

When isolation is impossible

Many of Chrysalis’ 2,800 employees interact with patients face-to-face, often in their homes, and in some cases, around the clock. From cooking meals to providing intensive applied behavioral analysis services, essential services require close interaction and working remotely is not an option. While temporary adaptations can be made for some activities, isolation is impossible for thousands of people requiring or delivering services, including staff, patients, foster families, and others. With Skuid technology, they have developed a system to respond to the dangers posed by the COVID-19 pandemic with the information they need to better protect and serve all of their people.

Staying organized with Salesforce

Chrysalis uses Skuid and Salesforce to run almost every aspect of its business, including managing clients, team members, cases, and housing. They use Skuid to customize patient data for case management needs, all in a HIPAA-compliant way. They track medications, prescriptions, doctor’s appointments, foster care placements, vehicles, homes, and more, all from one app. Chrysalis works in 15 geographic areas, and HIPAA rules require that only certain people can see certain data. Salesforce permission sets allow them to do this seamlessly, and the custom interface built with Skuid makes it easy for users to see the data they need, without any clutter.

Staying agile with Skuid

While technology can’t remove the need for person-to-person healthcare interactions, Chrysalis apps can support leadership and staff by improving communication and disseminating critical information. When it became clear that Chrysalis needed a solution for tracking COVID-19 data, the team at Chrysalis knew they could use Skuid to make it happen. Company president, Rich Slack, and a small, determined team built the app in just a few hours and deployed the new system the next day.

They created an Emergency Operation Center app that shows leadership a 360º view of the crisis, including who has been tested for the virus, who has reported symptoms, who has been in quarantine and for how long, and with whom infected people have interacted. Because all of their data is already connected in Salesforce, they used Skuid to put all relevant information about each client and staff member at their fingertips.

With Skuid, Chrysalis can quickly implement new solutions in response to ever-changing needs. As employees think of new helpful features, they can easily be added to the app. Rich says of their ability to stay agile, “I think if the barriers to entry to create the solution are too high, then you don’t even consider the solution. The fact that Skuid makes it so quick to build a tool that’s intuitive for the end-user makes it absolutely amazing.”

Flexibility enables fast response 

COVID-19 has forced us all to face a new reality, making it mission-critical to innovate and adapt. We commend the team at Chrysalis for the amazing work they’re doing and the resourceful way they’re responding to the continually changing needs of their community.

At Skuid, we aim to humanize enterprise technology by providing an ever-wider community of app builders with the tools to quickly deliver more with less. To learn more about how organizations can use Skuid to build and customize Salesforce applications, request a demonstration. We’re offering free development licenses to a limited number of healthcare organizations in order to accelerate their readiness and response in the current crisis. Get in touch with us at


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