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How to lead a UX refresh

We talked recently about what user experience (UX) is and why it matters. Now that you know how important good UX is for your business, and how to identify it, it’s time to talk about how to get there. The first step? Getting everyone on board.

It can be a challenge to get decision-makers, who might not be using an app on a daily basis, to understand the importance of quality UX. And it may be just as difficult to convince users to change their habits, especially if they’ve sunk multiple hours, days, or weeks into learning the system in its current form. We’ll talk about how to get both executives and users on board, so that you can start down the path of UX success.

Involve decision-makers early and often.

The best way to keep a UX project from failing is to get the people who have to approve it involved from the beginning. This makes stakeholders feel included and gives them the opportunity to provide feedback. That way, you can address issues as you go, instead of having to tear something down later that you’ve spent a lot of time building.

And when stakeholders do provide feedback, listen. Try to understand their perspective and keep that in mind as you present your own ideas. Then, show them how your plans are relevant to people at every level—from the user, to the developer, to the CEO.

Find out what your users actually want.

User needs can vary greatly from department to department, from role to role, from person to person. And they change. Listen to all of your users—even watch them work—to create something that benefits everyone, and can easily be customized or tweaked down the road.

One thing that all users have in common? They want experiences that are clear and consistent. They want experiences that do a good job (and makes it easier to do theirs). Focus on removing barriers between users and what they want to accomplish. Make the processes intuitive and design a good-looking interface, and do that every time.

If you just read this and thought, “That sounds nice, but it’s not possible,” we respectfully disagree. Download our free eBook today to learn how to get the tools to make it happen!


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