London's Calling

This is London’s Calling

I frequently get asked, what is London’s Calling and what does it have to do with an octopus? If you’re outside of the Salesforce Success Community, it’ll most likely remind you of the 1979 Clash song. Or, it might bring to mind BBC World Service’s radio identification during WWII, “This is London Calling…”

But if you know and love Salesforce, you’ll know that London’s Calling is one of the best events put on by members of the Salesforce community.

Inaugural London's Calling event


In February 2016, we held our inaugural event on the premise that a Salesforce community conference led by the community, for the community, was the best way to bring value, share best practices,
and help continue to build that community.



As members, most of us are familiar with community-led conferences and have experienced their value first-hand. Before London’s Calling, there were plenty of conferences based in the United States, such as Midwest Dreamin’, Snowforce, Forcelandia, and Tahoe Dreamin’. But there was nothing similar in Europe. We wanted our own version of a value-packed, community-led conference that was also a reflection of London, our perspectives, our community, and our personalities. It was a tall order, but that vision drove the decisions around location, event space, types of speakers, and content that we selected. It was meant to be an immersive experience from start to finish, and the end result was great.

Fun Fact: The name London’s Calling was only supposed to be temporary, but it ended up sticking. In hindsight, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This year’s event is sure to be another great success. We’ve shaped the content of the event around top trends in technology, Salesforce, and women in tech.

Our community members will present on topics beyond the traditional administrator and developer themes. They’ll share personal stories, best practices, how-to guides, and lessons learned. There will also be several panel discussions covering everything from getting started with Einstein to building a world class inside-sales team. The range of content is sure to appeal to all members of our community.

Fun Fact: The week of London’s Calling, we were told that there would be a fire alarm test at 4:30 pm. We let our closing keynote speaker, Peter Coffee, know that this would be occurring right in the middle of his talk, so he worked it into his closing keynote!

With just over a month to go, we’re making final touches to ensure that the event will be great. How could it not be? We have great sponsors, interesting content, inspiring keynote speakers, and the best community on earth to guarantee that this will be an incredible event with something for everyone. If this is not enough to inspire you to attend, check out our video of the highlights from 2016. We think that might sway you!

Oh, and about that octopus…I have no idea what it has to do with London’s Calling. But I’m open to theories!

To learn more about our little event being held on February 10, 2017 in London, please visit our website.

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