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[Video] NAIS rolls out better features for clients using Skuid

National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is a nonprofit that offers research and trend analysis, leadership and governance guidance, and professional development opportunities for school and board leaders.

To better serve the schools they work with, NAIS needed help rolling out a new application feature to its clients. Enter Kyla Longe, senior Salesforce® administrator at NAIS.

Kyla wanted to give clients a better user experience when managing financial aid applications. Once she discovered Skuid, she knew she’d found the way to pull in the right data at the right time for her customers.

With NAIS’s old program, clients had limited capabilities to view financial aid applicants on a single page. Clients could only load 25-50 applicants at a time. There was a button that allowed them to view more, but it was so confusing that NAIS had to provide additional training just to use the program.

Additionally, with single-pick filters, clients couldn’t view more than one type of applicant at a time—for example, there wasn’t an option to see 5th and 6th grade applicants at once.

With Skuid, Kyla introduced applicant tabs where clients can view whatever amount of applicants they need on a page. And with multi-pick filters, they can also pick and choose the sets of applicants they want to see, and provide mass actions on them. They can also export the information to a PDF and print it.

Now, Kyla’s looking for other ways NAIS can use Skuid. Watch the video to hear her take:

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