[Video] Skuid and LeanCog partner to deliver custom CPQs faster

[Video] Skuid and LeanCog partner to deliver custom CPQs faster

LeanCog is a technology consulting firm that has built many custom Configure Price Quote (CPQ) partner portals—allowing for complex and configurable quoting and contracting—for energy and finance clients on Salesforce. Due to the formulaic and dynamic pricing of products in these industries (e.g. subscriptions, rates and tariffs instead of price and quantity), traditional CPQ providers have been a poor fit for their clients, often forcing custom solutions.

After discovering Skuid, LeanCog was able to deliver an early release of a Skuid-based CPQ in weeks instead of months using the traditional Visualforce development. The application was interview-based for the sales rep, customized and filtered based on the lead, and maintainable by the client. “The separation of UX design from database design is a powerful enabler of Skuid,” says Paul Mackinaw, principal at LeanCog.

Packaged CPQs offer two primary value propositions to Salesforce users: Extended Schema and wizard-based quoting UX. However, often learning a new platform and then bending it to meet your needs is a longer and more expensive path than a made-to-order customization of Salesforce. Using Skuid’s powerful UX platform allows you to create user experiences that are customized to the very flow you want data to be entered and presented in to your users. Partnering with a CPQ-experienced company like LeanCog allows for the extensions to Salesforce’s native product and pricing database to enable important features like kits/bundles, roll-up pricing overrides, and formulaic pricing calculations.

By building on top of Salesforce with Skuid, you can incrementally launch features instead of having to do a big launch of the 3rd party app, allowing faster value recognition and quicker feedback loops.

Finally, your investment isn’t limited to the CPQ, since your Skuid licenses can be used to improve other user stories in your salesforce org!

Take a look at the following demo to see the final product of a made-to-order CPQ for a residential storage (home battery) sales company:

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