Want a Raise in 2019? Tech Execs Share Their Best Tips.

According to a new survey by advisory firm Willis Towers Watson, workers can expect slight raises in 2019. Dice.com’s recent article, Want a Raise in 2019? Tech Execs Share Their Best Tips, tech executives offer advice for IT professionals to get the raise they want in 2019. Skuid’s chief technology officer Mike Duensing emphasizes that IT professionals be should be aware of their company’s goals and how their skill set supports those goals.

Some technical skills are worth more than others because they match the current needs and business objectives of the company. Focus on the skills that matter most today…From a manager’s perspective, it’s worth paying more to keep someone who gets along with their teammates and supports the company’s values and mission.

Mike Duensing
Chief Technology Officer


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Ellie Hildebrand
Public Relations Manager