What is GraphQL And is It Better Than REST?

Dubbed as the “query language for your API,” GraphQL has been hailed the successor to REST API. To get familiar with what GraphQL is, and how it is different (and possibly superior) to REST, CMSWire spoke with leading industry experts and practitioner and published their findings in their recent article, What is GraphQL And is It Better Than REST? Skuid’s Manager of DevOps, Anthony Blardo, speaks about the differences between GraphQL and REST API.

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GraphQL has no coupling of the mechanism of retrieval from the data you retrieve. A GraphQL client would have a working knowledge of the structure of the resources it can interact with, but no specific logic for how to do that retrieval. With a GraphQL back end you can also allow the client to determine what fields on the resource are required for the use case of the request.

Anthony Blardo
Manager of Dev Ops


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Ellie Hildebrand
Public Relations Manager