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Whats a Skuid_Hint- A Scalable Kit for User Interface Design

What’s (a) Skuid? Hint: A Scalable Kit for User Interface Design

Scalable Kit for User Interface Design. Those are the words behind the acronym and our name: Skuid. It’s pronounced just like the sea creature, squid, which provides a fitting product metaphor. Admit it, you thought we were just trying to be clever because short domain names are so hard to find. 😉

Squid have eight flexible arms that can grasp just about anything. And, much like our nautical namesake, Skuid can help you grapple with most business app challenges you’re facing.

I recently joined Skuid because I see amazing value at the intersection of design and development. I’ve been part of the low-code market since before it was named, and even with the many fantastic tools out there to speed up development, I haven’t come across anything with the flexibility and design-first mentality offered by Skuid.

Many frustrated app builders watch as their users continue working in spreadsheets when they should be in Salesforce (or some other system of record). The apps aren’t built for humans, and requests to customize anything die in a black hole.

What you can do with Skuid.

Skuid is your all-in-one toolkit for customizing Salesforce with no to low-code. It helps you easily create deeply personalized apps that users want to use, while maintaining complete and secure control of your design, processes, and data.

I’m proud to share this two-minute video that captures what we do and the amazing things our customers build with Skuid.

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The values that shape our product.

We wouldn’t be able to deliver on the promises in that video without the strong values that inform everything we do: promote design thinking, be a humble expert, and be a caring hero. Let’s talk about what those values mean and how Skuid embodies them.

Promote design thinking.

Good design thinking is all about empathy. Our CEO, Ken McElrath says, “Companies need to get in the shoes of employees and ask them, ‘Is this application in your way? How do we get out of the way and help you to be really productive and get to the information that you need at the right time in the right format so you can make better decisions?’”

You can channel that empathy with Skuid by building and quickly iterating on apps that work the way your users work. Users will get intuitive, fully branded, and elegant custom apps that do precisely what they need and nothing they don’t.

Be a humble expert.

Sounds like a paradox, right? Expertise without humility is rigid. It can even become toxic. People want to work with experts who believe they still have things to learn, and that mindset makes a better product.

We know there are many humble experts outside our company, and Skuid gives these app designers and developers what they need to confidently solve problems. Our toolkit makes it easy to quickly and visually create powerful logic and process for just about any business need.

Building on the solid foundation of Salesforce, designers and developers have the expertise to go farther with Skuid.

Be a caring hero.

Another paradox. Most of us have worked with that clutch player who often hits the home run in extra innings. But, when that person puts others first and treats them well, they take hero status to a whole new level, helping everyone else be more effective at their jobs, too.

Caring heroes at Skuid make things happen, whatever it takes. They go the extra mile to delight customers with great service, creating experiences that make people happy.

Skuid helps caring heroes everywhere pinpoint the best way to help others. Developers and designers can build deeply personalized experiences that meet their users’ specific needs. They can also quickly react to clever and innovative app requests, increasing productivity.

Introducing the Skuid Word blog.

What we’ve shared here is just the start. We’ve recently renamed our blog to Skuid Word, because…we’re clever like that. Using it, we’ll bring our community the latest information on UI/UX app design and development, useful Skuid tips, and more.

Skuid Word is a place where design thinkers, humble experts, and caring heroes can come together to solve problems related to the application development lifecycle. Why?

Because app builders need community. Because enterprise software must be humanized. And because there’s unstoppable power in design thinking.

We hope you find Skuid Word useful as you search for the resources needed to create better apps faster. Sound like fun? Join the journey and subscribe below so you never miss a morsel.

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