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Welcome to the Skuid Spark release. Our latest release has new capabilities for enterprises to design, develop and deploy custom enterprise apps - even faster. You can now create a native mobile app without code. The Design System Studio is gorgeous. Designers and developers will love it because they can finally work together, side-by-side, within the same platform, without code getting in the way. And now that you can connect to on-premise and cloud data sources and services, anyone can use Skuid to innovate in amazing ways, super fast, with no code required.

Notably, The Skuid Spark release has a robust set of new features, including on-premise,
private data integration, a new Design System Studio, native mobile app creation, and a suite of
application templates — all fully customizable with Skuid’s acclaimed drag-and-drop
application composer.

Release Types

  • Major: Large collection of key features, new architecture, performance improvements, bug fixes.
  • Update: Collection of key features, performance improvements, bug fixes.
  • Maintenance: Bug fixes only.
  • Hotfix: 1-2 bug fixes focused on a critical issue.

Skuid no-code platform enhancements in the
Spark release include:


Private Data Service — Connect Skuid apps to data that never leaves your secure private data network.

Data Source Types — Create apps with a unified view of information across more popular data sources like MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Postgres.

Skuid Ink Components — Gain powerful new declarative configuration options with all new Skuid Ink components, redesigned from the ground up to deliver complete style customization and accessibilty compliance.


Skuid Design System Studio — Fully theme and brand apps with complete declarative control of comprehensive design systems, components and styles, without writing CSS or HTML.

Native Mobile -— Create custom web and native mobile apps for use on iOS or Android devices, leveraging push notifications, location services, and more.

App Templates — Design, develop and deploy personalized applications faster and easier than ever before, with Skuid App Templates. Businesses can start with a variety of optimized, best-practice app templates to create sophisticated, consumer-grade apps that drive adoption and engagement across all business functions.

Skuid Private Data Service

CIOs and IT leaders want to power forward to create new digital opportunities, maintaining maximum security while driving ever greater agility. Even the most security-conscious industries, like financial services, health care and the public sector, realize the compelling need to provide secure, limited access to sensitive information to those who need it. But often that data gets locked tight behind firewalls where it cannot deliver value. The Skuid Private Data Service bridges on-premise and private-cloud data sources, so you can reap the benefits of your secure information without the data leaving your private network. When a Skuid mobile or web app accesses the Private Data Service, only the data required for a particular user action is accessed, and it only flows directly to an individual user’s browser from the authenticated data source within the secure network. No data flows through a public cloud server.

By leveraging the Skuid Private Data Service, even high-security companies can reap the rewards of Skuid’s drag-and-drop platform to quickly and efficiently build custom mobile and web applications that customers and employees love to use — without sacrificing data privacy.

Skuid Data Source Types

With Skuid’s expanded list of pre-built Data Source Types (DSTs), customers now have the ability to interact with even more data without having to write any code. Skuid provides access to the largest and fastest-growing enterprise databases, including Redshift, Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle. With the Spark release, enterprises can break down trapped data silos and incorporate new databases into a 360-degree, single-pane view of the business.

Skuid Ink Components

Redesigned from the ground up, Skuid tables, decks, charts, buttons, filters, forms, and much more, now deliver accessibility compliance, complete style customization and advanced declarative configuration options. All-new components like lists, sliders, switches, and accordions, KPI tiles, Feedback blocks and Toast message make it even easier to create amazing, advanced applications with Skuid. App builders now have more out-of-the-box configuration options such as controls on component alignment, functionality and appearance such as declarative selector for row action location (left/right) in lists and tables.

Skuid Design System Studio

With the new Skuid Design System Studio, designers, developers and business users can consistently create intuitive, customized enterprise applications, with zero coding experience. Brand owners and UX designers can create entire design systems and deploy them across any Skuid app with the click of a button. Without writing a single line of CSS or HTML code, you can assemble your own design system, or simply select and edit from a library of provided themes.

The Skuid Design System Studio provides complete declarative control over branding, theming, and styling of each type of application component at a very granular level. You can select your own fonts, colors, sizes, padding, spacing for just about anything you used to write code to manage, including style variants for special cases.

Skuid Native Mobile

With Skuid Mobile, businesses can design, rapidly develop, and easily deploy multi-device apps that people can use quickly and intuitively, anywhere—even offline without an internet connection. Teams can now leverage and return real-time data to improve efficiencies and productivity.

Mobile devices come packed with GPS, sensors and other useful hardware features that people use every day. Now you can harness the power of these features by integrating them into Skuid Native Mobile apps. App updates can also be pushed over-the-air without forcing employees to redownload, increasing adoption of the latest enterprise apps.

Skuid Native Mobile delivers a richer mobile experience designed to drive wider user adoption. App creators can build custom hybrid (web/native) mobile apps in Skuid for use on iOS or Android devices. Skuid Native Mobile can leverage location services, mapping, push notifications, and more to increase user productivity on-the-go.

“When it comes to mobile apps, business users need the ability to access relevant, up-to-date information quickly while on the go,” said Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder of Constellation Research, Inc.  “Having a mobile app with an intuitive and seamless user experience is imperative to driving adoption of these apps.”

Skuid App Templates

With Skuid App Templates, businesses no longer have to start from scratch to design and assemble a bespoke application. They can now get up to speed quickly with a host of ready-made strategic applications, including sales-related apps such as CPQ, sales force automation, products and pricing portals, inside sales, partner/customer portals, and opportunity management; HCM-related apps such as recruitment and applicant tracking, HR management, online learning, employee portals, and surveys; in addition to mobile apps for sales, field service, and more.

Learn more about the Skuid Spark release and its array of new capabilities here.


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