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The Skuid Spark release has a robust set of new features including Ink components (API v2), the Design System Studio, and new SQL data source types, as well as enhancements to display logic and action sequences–all fully customizable within Skuid’s application composer.

Release Types

  • Major: Large collection of key features, new architecture, performance improvements, bug fixes.
  • Update: Collection of key features, performance improvements, bug fixes.
  • Maintenance: Bug fixes only.
  • Hotfix: 1-2 bug fixes focused on a critical issue.

Featured enhancements in the Spark release include:


New data source types
Create apps with a unified view of information across popular data sources like MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Postgres.

Ink components
Gain powerful new declarative configuration options with a new set of UI components, redesigned from the ground up to deliver advanced style customization and accessibility compliance.


Design System Studio
Theme and brand apps with declarative control of your design system components and styles–without writing CSS or HTML.

Design System Studio

With the new Design System Studio, designers, developers and business users can customize over 60 pre-built UI components with granular control over branding, theming, and style properties. Create unlimited style variants for any component to ensure you have all the options you need when composing pages. Update your design system at any time and deploy those changes across your Skuid pages with the click of a button.

Ink components

Redesigned from the ground up, Skuid’s UI components now include accessibility support, as well as advanced style customization and configuration options. All-new components like lists, sliders, switches, accordions, feedback blocks and toast messages make it even easier to create advanced interactions, and app builders have more out-of-the-box control of alignment, functionality and appearance.

New data source types

With Skuid’s expanded list of pre-built data source types, it’s easy to use data in your applications from the most common databases, including AWS Redshift, Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle. Break down trapped data silos and incorporate new data into a 360-degree, single-pane view of your business.

Learn more about the Skuid Spark release and its array of new capabilities here.


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