Deliver both design and functionality — no compromise required

Give users a dynamic form experience, including multiple objects

Apply design changes across all of your forms from a single intuitive interface

Rapidly prototype an experience and put it in front of your users to gather feedback

Direct integration with Salesforce as a managed package

Design seamless form experiences without custom code

Guided selling UI

Build multi-object forms

With Skuid, you can integrate multiple objects into a single, seamless form experience without writing custom code. That means your sales and support teams spend less time bouncing between tabs and more time focusing on customers.

Revenue portals UI

Save time and developer resources

Skuid’s Design System Studio is a user-friendly, declarative interface that enables you to create and modify forms without relying on developers. Easily customize the look and feel of forms and pages, and quickly build mobile-responsive experiences for users on the go.

Guided selling UI

Enhance and extend form capabilities

Skuid’s wizard component, navigation controls, and conditional styling tools make it easy to break long forms into multiple steps, all while giving the user a clear understanding of where they are in the process. Choose different field display types (like slider or switch) to make it as easy as possible for users to enter data.

Revenue portals UI

React to user input

As users enter information, show and hide other page elements based on that data. Make automatic updates based on user input and trigger behind-the-scenes processes. Define criteria for which data is acceptable and surface messages to guide the user, all before saving!

Guided selling UI

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