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Chrysalis saves $500k on implementation.



Chrysalis saves $500k on implementation.

Chrysalis, a healthcare organization that serves people with mental disabilities, saved $500,000 with Skuid’s drag-and-drop, code-free user experience platform. Now Chysalis users can easily access and edit patient information, housing data, and transportation schedules anytime, anywhere.


Initial implementation savings

For us, there is no Salesforce without Skuid. It makes me look like a freaking genius.
Rich Slack
Rich Slack

President, Chrysalis, Inc.


Rich Slack, President at Chrysalis, needed a more comprehensive system for tracking detailed information about each client in their program. The new system would have to include the basics of healthcare management, such as contact information, service monitoring, billing, and insurance. Because Chrysalis transports clients to and from doctor appointments, the application also needed to cure some big scheduling headaches. Due to rapid growth, Rich’s team now manages leases and utilities for 21 offices and 250 homes across different states, so Chrysalis needed a system that could continue to scale, while maintaining security to meet strict HIPAA regulations.

Rich knew he needed to choose a modern CRM to manage the company’s data, so he naturally gravitated to Salesforce.® Unfortunately, during a Salesforce proof-of-concept, he quickly found that the declarative user interface tools would be too limited to deliver the custom-tailored user experience his staff required. And he did not want to write code.

“The platform functionality was there in spades, but the user interface wasn’t,” Rich says. He realized that the existing (and roadmap) Salesforce user interface tools could not deliver the business-specific functionality they needed without sacrificing user-friendliness. “We need to have that people-centric feel, or we lose something,” Rich explains. Salesforce connected Rich with a private developer to customize the user interface, but the $500,000 price tag shocked him. So Rich killed the Salesforce project and hired a team of developers to create a new platform from scratch. However, the team hit many roadblocks and could not deliver the user experience Rich had in mind.

After a year of meager development results, Rich re-examined Salesforce, seeking a way to leverage its behemoth power, but wrap it in a made-to-order, completely custom user experience that perfectly matched his company’s business processes—without writing code.


That’s when Rich found Skuid. Rich installed Skuid for free in his Salesforce developer org. Using drag-and-drop, point-and-click tools, he prototyped his app in just two days. When he showed his creation to the team of developers, jaws literally dropped. Over the next four months, Rich used his spare time to create the custom user experience his employees had been wanting for years.

“If I’d hired a developer, I would have spent as much time explaining the concept as it took me to do it myself with Skuid,” Rich says. “For us, there is no Salesforce without Skuid. It makes me look like a freaking genius.”


With Skuid, Rich created the user experience he’d dreamed of without spending $500,000. Now, Rich’s team can easily see relevant information in a beautiful, humancentered, business-specific user experience.

  • The housing department can look at each house’s record to see the photo of the house, photos for each resident, the address, leasing agreements, utilities and house inspections.
  • The medical department can view each patient’s prescriptions, medical appointments and medical forms.
  • The transportation team can see a complete calendar with all clients’ doctor’s appointments to coordinate travel in the company’s vans.

In the past, requesting application improvements had frustrated Rich’s users. “We used to get a lot of requests for new features, and then people stopped sending them because they knew we couldn’t implement them,” Rich says. Now, Rich loves being able to roll out new ideas quickly as he gets user feedback.

Instead of consuming IT resources to make small tweaks, Rich can do it himself in a matter of minutes. “Users see it improving, and they feel more invested because it makes their jobs quicker, easier and more enjoyable,” Rich says.

Users enjoy the new system. They love it. With Skuid, Chrysalis has revolutionized business productivity while raising employee satisfaction and improving patient care.

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