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Copado DevOps Days Virtual Conference

Learn how to accelerate custom app dev at the #1 Salesforce DevOps conference. Skuid is teaming up with Copado to sponsor the Copado DevOps Days virtual event on July 8th. Join Skuid’s session featured on the Technology Track starting at 11:00am EST to learn how you can minimize the friction associated with delivering custom Salesforce apps and reduce your Salesforce app customization backlog quickly.

Date: Wed., July 8th, 2020

Time: Event begins at 11:00am EST

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About Copado DevOps Days: Copado Salesforce DevOps Days is a unique virtual event combining the speed and governance of DevOps to the power of the Salesforce Platform to increase development and release velocity. Each event includes keynote talks, hands on training and certification, and networking with DevOps experts, customers, partners, and system integrators who are redefining how to measure success running and operating Salesforce at scale.

Skuid App-etizers: Style Apps to Match your Brand

It’s a lot of work to make your application work flawlessly, constantly debugging and improving performance, much less making them consistent with your brand guidelines. With Skuid, app styling and theming is seamless, so you can achieve a branded application without hundreds of hours tweaking CSS.

Join us to learn six simple areas of app design that will immediately improve your app’s consistency with your brand.

Date: Thurs., July 9th, 2020

Time: 1:00pm EST

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