How the high-tech industry can overcome persistent sales technology challenges

[Free white paper] How the high-tech industry can overcome persistent sales technology challenges

How much time and how many resources does your company spend researching, purchasing, and maintaining sales software year after year?

I know, I know—it’s none of my business. But if your company is anything like most enterprises in the high tech industry, you’re likely shelling out a good chunk of change to make sure your salespeople have the tools they need to close bigger, close faster, and close more.

Here’s where we run into a problem: salespeople often aren’t using those tools.

Transform abandonment into engagement.

Unfortunately for many high-tech enterprises, sales software abandonment is an unrelenting challenge. Enterprises invest in cost-effective—but more generic—solutions, in the hopes of appeasing everyone who would have to use the software. But in the absence of a made-to-order, unified, beautiful and simple user experience (UX), salespeople retreat back to what they know—emails, Excel spreadsheets, and the like.

Without the time or budget to code a custom UX, software becomes shelfware. This doesn’t just waste the time and money the company’s already invested—the lack of efficient tools can also be a drain on the company’s future productivity and revenue.

If companies can transform sales software abandonment into high-quality engagement with a made-to-order software experience, they’ll unleash productivity, uncover more opportunities, and ultimately accelerate sales.

To accomplish the transformation, businesses need resources.

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