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UX Resources

Good UX makes you more efficient, and even makes doing your job fun. Dive into the user experience resources (UX resources) below to understand why you can’t ignore user experience and how you can become a user experience mastermind.


Drive CRM success through effective user experience

Did someone say free eBook? Download the ultimate guide to becoming a UX champion. Learn how good UX will turn your CRM into a well-oiled machine that employees love to use.


What is UX, and why does it matter?

User experience (UX) is more than a buzzword. Learn what UX means, what makes it good or bad, and why it’s important for your software’s data visualization to be amazing.


How to lead a UX refresh

Once you’re ready to redesign the UX of your B2B apps, how do you get everyone else on board? We’ll talk about how to get both executives and users to champion your UX project.


Are you a user experience expert?

Ready to test your UX knowledge? Find out where you stand on the UX mastermind scale with this quiz created by UX professionals at Skuid.

White paper

Investing in user experience yields ROI for insurance companies

UX customization adds value across industries, and it is becoming essential for insurance. Learn how insurance companies can drive revenue by improving user experience and data quality.

User experience


User experience: The key to digital transformation

The secret to making your digital transformation succeed? UX customization. Here are the tell-tale signs that your B2B apps could use some UX love.